Species Dog
Personality Cranky
Sex Male ♂
Birthday -1 November
Star Sign Scorpio Scorpio
Initial phrase ROOOOOWF
Favorite saying "A house without either a cat or a dog is a sad house indeed."
DnM DnM+ AC e+
Other appearances
🌐 Name & Initial phrase
🌐NameInitial phrase
en flagen flag EnglishButchROOOOOWF
ko flag 한국어아니
ja flag 日本語ジョンノン
es flagesus flag EspañolBrunogruf-gruf
fr flagfrus flag FrançaisAvrilWROOOOUF
de flag DeutschHassoGRRUFF
it flag ItalianoAttilaROOOOOF
nl flag Ned.ButchBROEEEF
ru flag русскийБутчррр-гав
zh flag 简体中文约翰
tw flag 繁鱧中文約翰
Animal Crossing:
New Horizons
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Butchargyle vest argyle vest
bat umbrella bat umbrella
Animal Crossing
New Leaf
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Butcharctic-camo tee arctic-camo tee
spider umbrella spider umbrella
Animal Crossing
Happy Home Designer
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Butcharctic-camo tee arctic-camo tee
Animal Crossing
City Folk
City Folk Butch
Animal Crossing
Wild World
Wild World Butch
Animal CrossingAnimal Crossing Butch
Butch is a Cranky Dog in the Animal Crossing series who appears in all games to date. In all games except Doubutsu no Mori e+, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, he is the only Cranky dog. His catchphrase, "ROOOOOWF," is an amalgam of woof and ruff, onomatopoeias for a dog's bark.

In New Horizons, Butch has the music hobby and may sing anywhere without the need of a stereo.


Butch is a caramel orange-brown and chocolate ebony dog with creamy white and dark brown tipped paws, possibly being a Rottweiler or Doberman, which are traditionally seen as guard dogs, in reference to the tough, easily angered nature of his cranky personality. His eyebrows always show a frown. He has a great, dark dog nose with a corkscrew smile and his eyes look very serious. His dark brown, floppy dog ears slightly transition into a caramel color at the tip. His tail is also dark chocolate, and his arms and legs are the same color as his head. Butch could be a black-and-tan dachshund, but his markings suggest a beagle or French Bulldog.

New Horizons

Butch icon
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Butch Pics
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Butch Pics
BirthdayPersonalityInitial phrase
-1 NovemberCrankyROOOOOWF
animalcrossinglogoargyle vest argyle vest
animalcrossinglogobat umbrella bat umbrella
Conversation typeB
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Butch House Exterior
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Butch House Interior
Furniturecone cone
phone box phone box
oil barrel oil barrel
cassette player cassette player
plastic canister plastic canister
plain wooden shop sign plain wooden shop sign
retro gas pump retro gas pump
throwback race-car bed throwback race-car bed
throwback race-car bed throwback race-car bed
construction sign construction sign
Wallpaperwestern vista western vista
Flooringhighway flooring highway flooring
MusicK.K. Western K.K. Western

┗ Happy Home Paradise

💬I need a place where I can run around unleashed!
Client's visionA Dog Run for a Running Dog
Required itemsgarden table garden tablegarden chair garden chairwild log bench wild log bench
🎵K.K. Chorinho K.K. Chorinho
Unlocked items+

Pocket Camp

Butch icon
Butch Pocket Camp
Butch Pics
BirthdayPersonalityInitial phrase
-1 NovemberCrankyROOOOOWF
Theme SportySporty
Primary rewardSteel
Date unlocked2017.10.24.
How to inviteRequired Friendship Level: 3
item1_img Mountain Bike
item2_img Hedge
item3_img Elephant Slide
item4_img Tire Toy
item5_img Jungle Gym
DescriptionButch is like the bossy
older brother you never
had...and never really
wanted. But now you've
got him, so enjoy!
Introduction on the loading screenA Note from Butch
Hey, you! What are you standing
around here for? Go have some
fun already. Hahaha!
Friendship rewards
Level 7itemimg1 Arctic-Camo Tee
Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone
Level 9Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone
Level 15itemimg2 Billiard Table
Level 20itemimg3 Butch's Pic
Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone
Level 25 -Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone

Happy Home Designer

Butch Happy Home Designer
BirthdayPersonalityInitial phrase
-1 NovemberCrankyROOOOOWF
animalcrossinglogoarctic-camo tee arctic-camo tee
animalcrossinglogospider umbrella spider umbrella
House request
💬I want a nice space where Ican just be myself.
🖼️Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Butch House Interior
Client's visionA cool dog park.
Required items Doghouse
Grass Standee
Balance Beam
🎵 K.K. Ragtime
Unlocked items+

New Leaf

Butch icon
Butch New Leaf
Butch Pics
Coffee PreferencesBlend / None at all / None at all
MusicK.K. Fusion
Favorite StyleSporty
Disliked StyleCute
Favorite ColorBlack
Halloweenmonster mask
April Fool's Day
Birthday-1 November Scorpio(Scorpio)
Favorite saying"A house without either a cat or adog is a sad house indeed."
Dreamrace-car driver
Familythe eldest son of quintuplets
Specialtyair guitar
Butch Exterior
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Butch Interior
Furnituremodern bed
modern table
modern cabinet
gold stereo
modern sofa
metal guitar
tall cactus
modern end table
lucky clovers
K.K. Fusion
modern lamp
modern wall clock
air conditioner
Wallpaperred tile wall red tile wall
Flooringmodern tile modern tile
MusicK.K. Fusion K.K. Fusion

City Folk


Wild World

Butch Wild World
Animal Crossing: Wild World Butch House Interior

Animal Crossing

Butch Animal Crossing
Butch Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing Butch House Exterior
Animal Crossing Butch House Interior


Butch 155 amiibo


Butch e-cardButch e-card

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