Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing
Release DateAmerican flag 🇺🇸 September 15, 2002
Australian Flag Flag 17 Oct 2003
Flag of Europe Flag 24 Sep 2004
This game is for the GameCube and is the first in the series to be playable outside of Japan. The game is best known by the name Animal Crossing (Game Cube) or Animal Crossing.

This game is a localized version of the Japanese game Doubutsu no Mori+.

This game has a multiplayer mode. You can visit other players' villages by inserting the memory card containing the data of the other player's game into the game machine that contains the memory card containing your own game data. This is the only way to go to another town to play.

This game is also compatible with 'Game Boy Advance'. You can visit the island if both consoles are connected by cable. In addition, eCard reader machines that can use eCards have been launched in Japan and North America. The European version is not supported.




en flag English Animal Crossing
ko flag 한국어 동물의 숲
ja flag 日本語 どうぶつの森
es flag Español Animal Crossing
fr flag Français Animal Crossing
de flag Deutsch Animal Crossing
it flag Italiano Animal Crossing
nl flag Ned. Animal Crossing
ru flag русский Animal Crossing
zh flag 简体中文 动物森林
tw flag 繁鱧中文 動物森林

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Animal Crossing Info
Animal Crossing Info