Personality Cranky
Sex Male ♂
Birthday16 May
Star SignTaurus Taurus
Initial phraseroadie
Favorite saying""The higher you climb, the smaller things look.""
DnM DnM+ AC e+
Other appearances
🌐 Name & Initial phrase
🌐NameInitial phrase
en flagen flag EnglishIkeroadie
ko flag 한국어대공터프
ja flag 日本語ダイクボウズ
es flagesus flag EspañolAstillastornillos
fr flagfrus flag FrançaisIsaacpot d'miel
de flag DeutschIkebrrruah
it flag ItalianoOrtensiosgrugno
nl flag Ned.Ikeja denk
ru flag русскийАйкгарр-сон
zh flag 简体中文大功施主
tw flag 繁鱧中文大功施主
🌐 Favorite saying ▼
Appear GamesVillagers's AppearanceDressUmbrellas
Animal Crossing:
New Horizons
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ikecamo bomber-style jacket camo bomber-style jacket
camo umbrella camo umbrella
Animal Crossing
New Leaf
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Ikejungle-camo tee jungle-camo tee
bat umbrella bat umbrella
Animal CrossingAnimal Crossing Ike
Ike is a Cranky Bear in the Animal Crossing series. After his debut in Doubutsu no Mori e+, he would remain absent from the series until Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo. According to his e-Reader card profile, he is Poko's father.

In New Horizons, Ike has the nature hobby and may be found reading a book pertaining to an item he is studying, which can be either flowers, bugs, fish, or fossils.


Ike is a brown bear with a constant frown on his face and half-closed eyes. The area around his eyes is orange, and his muzzle and paws are a pale yellow, as is the inside of his ears.

New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ike Pics


16 May



Initial phrase

Ike""The higher you climb, the smaller things look.""
Conversation type🗣️A
Greetings_type 🙇Greeting
Hobby 😻Nature
Sociability 👭Middel
Style ✨Cool
Color 🎨Green/Blue
Ike icon
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ike Pics
Default clothingDefault umbrella
camo bomber-style jacket
camo bomber-style jacket
camo umbrella
camo umbrella
Handheld items
Bag 💼Veggie-print Veggie-print
Book 📖Gardening/Bug/Fish/Fossil Gardening/Bug/Fish/Fossil
Food 🥪Chocolate donut Chocolate donut
Drink 🧃Tea can or yellow mug Tea can or yellow mug
Popsicle 🍦Orange Orange
Initial NookPhone 📱 Green Green
Final NookPhone 📱Checkered 2 - Fabric 8 Checkered 2 - Fabric 8
Other default clothing
During rain (if not using umbrella): Raincoat (Green) Raincoat (Green) & rain hat (Beige) rain hat (Beige)
During snow: Down jacket (Green) Down jacket (Green) & knit hat (Green) knit hat (Green)
Sleepwear and if sick: PJ outfit (Green) PJ outfit (Green)
While exercising: Athletic jacket (Green) Athletic jacket (Green)
While doing yoga: Tank (Navy blue) Tank (Navy blue)
While sunbathing: Triangle shades Triangle shades
Fishing Tourney: Athletic jacket (Green) Athletic jacket (Green) & denim cap (Blue) denim cap (Blue)
Bug-Off: Athletic jacket (Green) Athletic jacket (Green) & denim cap (Blue) denim cap (Blue)
Bunny Day: Leaf-egg outfit Leaf-egg outfit & leaf-egg shell leaf-egg shell
Halloween: Flashy animal costume (Green) Flashy animal costume (Green) & flashy pointy-ear animal hat (Green) flashy pointy-ear animal hat (Green)
Turkey Day: Straw boater (Cream) Straw boater (Cream)
Turkey Day (chef): Chef's outfit (Green) Chef's outfit (Green) & chef's hat chef's hat
Toy Day: Santa hat Santa hat
Countdown: Tweed jacket (Green) Tweed jacket (Green) & star shades (Green) star shades (Green)
Birthday & Wedding Season photoshoot: Tweed jacket (Green) Tweed jacket (Green) & star shades (Green) star shades (Green)

Happy Home Paradise DLC exclusive clothing
As a student for the school: School uniform with necktie (Navy blue) School uniform with necktie (Navy blue)
As the teacher for the school: Checkered sweater vest (Light brown) Checkered sweater vest (Light brown) & rimmed glasses (Black) rimmed glasses (Black)
As the cashier/employee for the restaurant: Café uniform (Green) Café uniform (Green)
As the chef/apprentice for the restaurant: Chef's outfit (Green) Chef's outfit (Green)
As a staff for the café: Diner apron (Aquamarine) Diner apron (Aquamarine)
As the receptionist for the hospital: Nurse's jacket (Blue) Nurse's jacket (Blue)
As the doctor for the hospital: Doctor's coat (Red necktie) Doctor's coat (Red necktie)
As a patient for the hospital: PJ outfit (Green) PJ outfit (Green)
As the shop manager for the apparel shop: Staff uniform (Blue) Staff uniform (Blue)
While practicing hula: Pineapple aloha shirt (Green) Pineapple aloha shirt (Green) & vine crown vine crown
While floating in the ocean: Leaf-print wet suit (Green) Leaf-print wet suit (Green) & retro shades (Green) retro shades (Green)
During DJ KK's concert: Paradise Planning event tee (Green) Paradise Planning event tee (Green) & tropical turban (Green) tropical turban (Green) & neon shades (Lime & purple) neon shades (Lime & purple)
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ike House Exterior
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ike House Interior
🛏🪑breaker breaker
DIY workbench DIY workbench
iron worktable iron worktable
iron shelf iron shelf
portable radio portable radio
ironwood DIY workbench ironwood DIY workbench
key holder key holder
camping cot camping cot
toolbox toolbox
studio wall spotlight studio wall spotlight
wooden toolbox wooden toolbox
tool cart tool cart
wall-mounted tool board wall-mounted tool board
Wallpapershutter wall shutter wall
Flooringsteel flooring steel flooring
🎵K.K. Rock K.K. Rock

┗ Happy Home Paradise

💬I want an ice-cream shop that reminds me of bein' a kid.
Client's visionRetro Ice-Cream Shop
Required itemswood-plank table wood-plank tableshaved-ice maker shaved-ice makerretro ice-cream case retro ice-cream case
🎵K.K. Folk K.K. Folk
Unlocked items+

Pocket Camp

Ike icon
Ike Pics
BirthdayPersonalityInitial phrase
16 MayCrankyroadie
Theme CivicCivic
Primary rewardPaper
Date unlocked2022.02.25.
How to inviteBlathers's Treasure Trek
DescriptionIke's values are pretty
old-school. ""Don't talk
about what you don't know
about."" ""Stupid is as stupid
does."" ""Peel a potato from
the bottom up."" No one
really gets that last one.
Friendship rewards
Level 7itemimg1 Jungle-Camo Tee
Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone
Level 9Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone
Level 15itemimg2 Tool Cart
Level 20itemimg3 Ike's Pic
Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone
Level 25 -Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone

New Leaf

Ike icon
Ike New Leaf
Ike Pics
Coffee PreferencesMocha / None at all / None at all
Favorite StyleRock-n'-Roll
Disliked StyleBasic
Favorite ColorBlue
Halloweenbug mask
April Fool's Day
Birthday16 May Taurus(Taurus)
Favorite saying""The higher you climb, the smallerthings look.""
Familythe eldest son of three brothers
Specialtydoing chin-ups
Ike Exterior
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Ike Interior
Autocamp ProfileCan you tell that Ike loves
tinkering with cars? Car camping
alone isn't enough for him—he
had to bring a second car along
for the ride too!
🛏🪑sleek bed
retro stereo
tool shelf
tire stack
tool cart
tire stack
metal can
plastic canister
ventilation fan
Wallpapersteel-frame wall steel-frame wall
Flooringpavement floor pavement floor
🎵K.K. Rock K.K. Rock

Animal Crossing

Ike Animal Crossing
Ike Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing Ike House Exterior
Animal Crossing Ike House Interior


Ike amiibo49 amiiboIke amiibo49 amiibo
- amiibo Plus
Star SignTaurus
Birthday16 May


Ike e-card FrontIke e-card Back
#059 ダイク (Daiku)-Series 3
SexMale ♂
Dressめいさいふくcamouflage clothes
Star Sign牡牛座Taurus
Initial phraseボウズbouzu
Profile何よりも大切な息子、ポコ。ひとり暮らしをさせてからというもの、気が気でない日々を送りながら、黙って見守る父、ダイクであります。The most important thing of all to him is his son, Poko. Since he has been allowed to live on his own, his father Daiku has been watching over him silently, while spending his days worrying about him.
Favorite saying木の上に立って見るStand on a tree and look around [for a different perspective]

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