Personality Cranky
Sex Male ♂
Birthday9 June
Star SignGemini Gemini
Initial phraserockin'
Favorite saying""Do what you want, but do it loud!""
DnM DnM+ AC e+
Other appearances
🌐 Name & Initial phrase
🌐NameInitial phrase
en flagen flag EnglishCydrockin'
ko flag 한국어펑크스피스
ja flag 日本語パンクスウス
es flagesus flag EspañolRamónrocanrol
fr flagfrus flag FrançaisPunkbastringue
de flag DeutschSidhau
it flag ItalianoSidrocking
nl flag Ned.Cydmieters
ru flag русскийСидрок-н-ролл
zh flag 简体中文庞克斯摇滚
tw flag 繁鱧中文龐克斯搖滾
🌐 Favorite saying ▼
Appear GamesVillagers's AppearanceDressUmbrellas
Animal Crossing:
New Horizons
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cyddragon jacket dragon jacket
bat umbrella bat umbrella
Cyd is a Cranky Elephant in the Animal Crossing series. He first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and was added to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to coincide with the former's release. As of the release of New Horizons, he is the only Cranky Elephant the series.

Cyd has an overall theme related to punk rock. His English name may come from Sid Vicious, a famous punk artist, and his Japanese name is Punks (パンクス). His New Horizons house contains a drum set, and his Pocket Camp description refers to his love of loud music. His default outfits in both New Horizons and Pocket Camp are dark jackets, relating to the black leather jackets typically worn in punk fashion.

In New Horizons, Cyd has the music hobby and may sing anywhere without the need of a stereo.


Cyd is a dark red elephant with a purple-blue tuft of hair draped over to the right, and a purple-blue tail, turquoise nails, and black gradients on the tips of his hands, feet and ears, and black atop his trunk. He has narrow eyes and a large smile.

New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cyd Pics


9 June



Initial phrase

Cyd""Do what you want, but do it loud!""
Conversation type🗣️A
Greetings_type 🙇Greeting
Hobby 😻Music
Sociability 👭Middel
Style ✨Cool
Color 🎨Black/Yellow
Cyd icon
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cyd Pics
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cyd Pics
Default clothingDefault umbrella
dragon jacket
dragon jacket
bat umbrella
bat umbrella
Handheld items
Bag 💼Veggie-print Veggie-print
Book 📖Music Music
Food 🥪Chocolate donut Chocolate donut
Drink 🧃Tea can or yellow mug Tea can or yellow mug
Popsicle 🍦Orange Orange
Initial NookPhone 📱 Black Black
Final NookPhone 📱Playful - Fabric 4 Playful - Fabric 4
Other default clothing
During rain (if not using umbrella): Raincoat (Black) Raincoat (Black) & rain hat (Black) rain hat (Black)
During snow: Down jacket (Black) Down jacket (Black) & knit hat (Black) knit hat (Black)
Sleepwear and if sick: PJ outfit (Red) PJ outfit (Red)
While exercising: Athletic jacket (Black) Athletic jacket (Black)
While doing yoga: Tank (Black) Tank (Black)
While sunbathing: Triangle shades Triangle shades
Fishing Tourney: Athletic jacket (Black) Athletic jacket (Black) & denim cap (Black) denim cap (Black)
Bug-Off: Athletic jacket (Black) Athletic jacket (Black) & denim cap (Black) denim cap (Black)
Bunny Day: Stone-egg outfit Stone-egg outfit & stone-egg shell stone-egg shell
Halloween: Raggedy outfit (Black) Raggedy outfit (Black) & impish horns (Black) impish horns (Black)
Turkey Day: Straw boater (Dark brown) Straw boater (Dark brown)
Turkey Day (chef): Chef's outfit (Black) Chef's outfit (Black) & chef's hat chef's hat
Toy Day: Santa hat Santa hat
Countdown: Tweed jacket (Blue) Tweed jacket (Blue) & star shades (Yellow) star shades (Yellow)
Birthday & Wedding Season photoshoot: Tweed jacket (Blue) Tweed jacket (Blue) & star shades (Yellow) star shades (Yellow)

Happy Home Paradise DLC exclusive clothing
As a student for the school: School uniform with necktie (Navy blue) School uniform with necktie (Navy blue)
As the teacher for the school: Checkered sweater vest (Light brown) Checkered sweater vest (Light brown) & rimmed glasses (Black) rimmed glasses (Black)
As the cashier/employee for the restaurant: Café uniform (Black) Café uniform (Black)
As the chef/apprentice for the restaurant: Chef's outfit (Black) Chef's outfit (Black)
As a staff for the café: Diner apron (Black) Diner apron (Black)
As the receptionist for the hospital: Nurse's jacket (Blue) Nurse's jacket (Blue)
As the doctor for the hospital: Doctor's coat (Black necktie) Doctor's coat (Black necktie)
As a patient for the hospital: PJ outfit (Green) PJ outfit (Green)
As the shop manager for the apparel shop: Staff uniform (Yellow) Staff uniform (Yellow)
While practicing hula: Pineapple aloha shirt (Yellow) Pineapple aloha shirt (Yellow) & hibiscus hairpin (Yellow) hibiscus hairpin (Yellow)
While floating in the ocean: Leaf-print wet suit (Yellow) Leaf-print wet suit (Yellow) & pilot shades (Gold) pilot shades (Gold)
During DJ KK's concert: DJ KK logo tee (Neon orange) DJ KK logo tee (Neon orange) & tropical turban (Green) tropical turban (Green) & neon shades (Pink & yellow) neon shades (Pink & yellow)
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cyd House Exterior
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cyd House Interior
🛏🪑succulent plant succulent plant
drum set drum set
ironwood chair ironwood chair
ironwood cart ironwood cart
ironwood dresser ironwood dresser
ironwood bed ironwood bed
ironwood kitchenette ironwood kitchenette
iron wall lamp iron wall lamp
ironwood DIY workbench ironwood DIY workbench
throwback skull radio throwback skull radio
iron closet iron closet
Wallpaperskull wall skull wall
Flooringskull-print flooring skull-print flooring
🎵K.K. Metal K.K. Metal

┗ Happy Home Paradise

💬I gotta show everyone how good I am at playin' games!
Client's visionMy Streaming HQ
Required itemsgaming desk gaming deskgaming chair gaming chairdesktop mic desktop mic
🎵K.K. Robot Synth K.K. Robot Synth
Unlocked items+

Pocket Camp

Cyd icon
Cyd Pics
BirthdayPersonalityInitial phrase
9 JuneCrankyrockin'
Theme CoolCool
Primary rewardSteel
Date unlocked2020.03.19.
How to inviteBlathers's Treasure Trek
DescriptionOn an average day, you can
find Cyd posted up in his
bedroom, rocking out to his
favorite music. He loves to
crank up the volume, but he's
also mindful of his neighbors.
Friendship rewards
Level 7itemimg1 Dragon Jacket
Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone
Level 9Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone
Level 15itemimg2 Sleek Bed
Level 20itemimg3 Cyd's Pic
Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone
Level 25 -Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone


Cyd 429 amiiboCyd 429 amiibo
- Series 5
Star SignGemini
Birthday9 June

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