Personality Peppy
Sex Female ♀
Birthday29 June
Star SignCancer Cancer
Initial phrasemweee
Favorite saying""A smile increases your face value.""
DnM DnM+ AC e+
Other appearances
🌐 Name & Initial phrase
🌐NameInitial phrase
en flagen flag EnglishMerrymweee
ko flag 한국어유네찌냥냥
ja flag 日本語さっちにゃん
es flagesus flag EspañolSusimichifú
fr flagfrus flag FrançaisSuzymiou-mi
de flag DeutschMischkaprrrrr
it flag ItalianoKatypffffft
nl flag Ned.Merrymi-jippie
ru flag русскийМерримяуи-и-и
zh flag 简体中文莎莎喵嗯
tw flag 繁鱧中文莎莎喵嗯
🌐 Favorite saying ▼
Appear GamesVillagers's AppearanceDressUmbrellas
Animal Crossing:
New Horizons
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Merrydreamy sweater dreamy sweater
fairy-tale umbrella fairy-tale umbrella
Animal Crossing
New Leaf
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Merrydaisy tee daisy tee
yellow umbrella yellow umbrella
Animal Crossing
Happy Home Designer
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Merrydaisy tee daisy tee
Animal Crossing
City Folk
City Folk Merry
Animal CrossingAnimal Crossing Merry
Merry is a Peppy Cat in the Animal Crossing series. She first appeared in Doubutsu no Mori e+ and has appeared in all subsequent games except Animal Crossing: Wild World. Her English name refers to her personality.

In New Horizons, Merry has the fashion hobby and may be seen wearing a pink purse with a white flower on it, as well as a specific headwear or accessory item.


Merry is a cream-colored cat with short, light brown hair. She has a small pink nose, pink blush, wide-open black eyes which are constantly facing up, and two eyelashes. The insides of her ears are purple, which gradually becomes more akin to lavender in the most inner section. Her mouth seems to be in the shape of a smile at all times, even when she is angry or sad. Except in New Horizons, where she may not smile when she is briefly looking away or briefly looks at a nearby flower. She also has a slight double chin, something that is not shared with other villagers.

New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Merry Pics


29 June



Initial phrase

Merry""A smile increases your face value.""
Conversation type🗣️B
Greetings_type 🙇Chaotic
Hobby 😻Fashion
Sociability 👭
Style ✨Cute
Color 🎨Pink/Light blue
Merry icon
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Merry Pics
Default clothingDefault umbrella
dreamy sweater
dreamy sweater
fairy-tale umbrella
fairy-tale umbrella
Handheld items
Bag 💼Pink Pink
Book 📖Fashion Fashion
Food 🥪Chocolate donut Chocolate donut
Drink 🧃Tea can or yellow mug Tea can or yellow mug
Popsicle 🍦Orange Orange
Initial NookPhone 📱 Pink Pink
Final NookPhone 📱Polka-dot print - Fabric 3 Polka-dot print - Fabric 3
Other default clothing
During rain (if not using umbrella): Dotted raincoat (Turquoise) Dotted raincoat (Turquoise) & outdoor hat (Orange) outdoor hat (Orange)
During snow: Peacoat (Beige) Peacoat (Beige) & snowy knit cap (Pink) snowy knit cap (Pink)
Sleepwear and if sick: PJ outfit (Blue) PJ outfit (Blue) & terry-cloth nightcap (Pink) terry-cloth nightcap (Pink)
While exercising: Athletic jacket (Black) Athletic jacket (Black)
While doing yoga: Tank (White) Tank (White)
While sunbathing: Triangle shades Triangle shades
Fashion hobby wearables: Ribbon (Pink) Ribbon (Pink) & round tinted shades (Dark brown) round tinted shades (Dark brown)
Fishing Tourney: Athletic jacket (Black) Athletic jacket (Black)
Bug-Off: Athletic jacket (Black) Athletic jacket (Black) & straw hat (Brown) straw hat (Brown)
Bunny Day: Sky-egg outfit Sky-egg outfit & sky-egg shell sky-egg shell
Halloween: Flashy animal costume (Purple) Flashy animal costume (Purple) & flashy pointy-ear animal hat (Purple) flashy pointy-ear animal hat (Purple)
Turkey Day: Straw boater (Cream) Straw boater (Cream)
Turkey Day (chef): Chef's outfit (Red) Chef's outfit (Red) & chef's hat chef's hat
Toy Day: Santa hat Santa hat
Countdown: Satin dress (Pink) Satin dress (Pink)
Birthday & Wedding Season photoshoot: Satin dress (Pink) Satin dress (Pink) & giant ribbon (Pink) giant ribbon (Pink)

Happy Home Paradise DLC exclusive clothing
As a student for the school: School uniform with necktie (Navy blue) School uniform with necktie (Navy blue)
As the teacher for the school: Checkered sweater vest (Light brown) Checkered sweater vest (Light brown) & rimmed glasses (Black) rimmed glasses (Black)
As the cashier/employee for the restaurant: Café uniform (Black) Café uniform (Black)
As the chef/apprentice for the restaurant: Chef's outfit (Red) Chef's outfit (Red)
As a staff for the café: Diner apron (Pink) Diner apron (Pink)
As the receptionist for the hospital: Nurse's jacket (Pink) Nurse's jacket (Pink)
As the doctor for the hospital: Doctor's coat (Red necktie) Doctor's coat (Red necktie)
As a patient for the hospital: PJ outfit (Blue) PJ outfit (Blue)
As the shop manager for the apparel shop: Staff uniform (Pink) Staff uniform (Pink)
While practicing hula: Pineapple aloha shirt (Pink) Pineapple aloha shirt (Pink) & hibiscus hairpin (Pink) hibiscus hairpin (Pink)
While floating in the ocean: Leaf-print wet suit (Light blue) Leaf-print wet suit (Light blue) & retro shades (Red) retro shades (Red)
During DJ KK's concert: Tropical cut-and-sew tank (Pink) Tropical cut-and-sew tank (Pink) & tropical turban (Purple) tropical turban (Purple) & neon shades (Light blue & pink) neon shades (Light blue & pink)
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Merry House Exterior
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Merry House Interior
🛏🪑hi-fi stereo hi-fi stereo
deluxe washer deluxe washer
wooden chair wooden chair
double sofa double sofa
refrigerator refrigerator
wooden table wooden table
system kitchen system kitchen
coconut wall planter coconut wall planter
yucca yucca
Wallpaperbeaded-curtain wall beaded-curtain wall
Flooringorange retro flooring orange retro flooring
🎵Neapolitan Neapolitan

┗ Happy Home Paradise

💬I want my own studio where I model for an artist!
Client's visionA Spot to Model Myself
Required itemsmoving painting moving paintingbox-shaped seat box-shaped seatpainting set painting set
🎵Chillwave Chillwave
Unlocked items+

Pocket Camp

Merry icon
Merry Pocket Camp
Merry Pics
BirthdayPersonalityInitial phrase
29 JunePeppymweee
Theme CuteCute
Primary rewardWood
Date unlocked2018.03.23.
How to inviteRequired Friendship Level: 3
item1_img Aloe
item2_img Painting Set
item3_img Modern Wood Stool
item4_img Sweets Table
item5_img Hammock
DescriptionMerry overflows with an
energetic personality that
makes others see her as
the shining star of the
town. And she's happy not
to correct them.
Friendship rewards
Level 7itemimg1 Daisy Tee
Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone
Level 9Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone
Level 10itemimg2 Washing Machine
Level 20itemimg3 Merry's Pic
Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone
Level 25 -Sparkle_StonesSparkle Stone

Happy Home Designer

BirthdayPersonalityInitial phrase
29 JunePeppymweee
Dressdaisy tee daisy tee
Umbrellasyellow umbrella yellow umbrella
House request
💬I want to practice painting and sketching for art class!
🖼️Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Merry House Interior
Client's visionAn artsy room for sketching.
Required items Moving Painting
Folding Chair
🎵 I Love You
Unlocked items+

New Leaf

Merry icon
Merry New Leaf
Merry Pics
Coffee PreferencesBlue Mountain / The regular amount / 2 spoonfuls
Favorite StyleCute
Disliked StyleHistorical
Favorite ColorSkyblue
Halloweenwerewolf hood
April Fool's Day
Birthday29 June Cancer(Cancer)
Favorite saying""A smile increases your face value.""
Dreamfigure skater
Familythe eldest daughter of two brother and sister
Merry Exterior
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Merry Interior
🛏🪑green table
kitchen sink
green counter
cream sofa
hi-fi stereo
washing machine
green chair
tea set
green wall clock
Wallpaperkitchen wall kitchen wall
Flooringkitchen flooring kitchen flooring
🎵DJ K.K. DJ K.K.

City Folk


Animal Crossing

Merry Animal Crossing
Merry Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing Merry House Exterior
Animal Crossing Merry House Interior


Merry 252 amiiboMerry 252 amiibo
- Series 3
Star SignCancer
Birthday29 June
Dice value6


Merry e-card FrontMerry e-card Back
#004 さっち (Satchi)-Series 1 (Promo)
SexFemale ♀
Dressフラワーなふくdaisy tee
Star Sign蟹座Cancer
Initial phraseにゃんnyan("meow")
Profile異性のちょっとした仕草に、ドキッとすることってありますよね。でも「ちょっとした」ってとこがポイント。狙ってやると逆効果です。There may be times when you get a thrill by a small gesture from the opposite sex. But "small" is the key. If you aim for it, it will have an opposite effect.
Favorite saying目病み女に風邪引き男A man with a cold to an eye-sick woman(A man who has a cold will be attractive to a woman who has an eye disease, and vice versa, because the man will find the woman's eyes attractive, and the woman will find the man's voice attractive)[2]

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