Animal Crossing: City Folk

Animal Crossing: City Folk
Release DateJapanese flag 🇯🇵 November 20, 2008
American flag 🇺🇸 November 16, 2008
Australian Flag Flag December 04, 2008
Flag of Europe Flag December 05, 2008
Japanese flag 🇯🇵 January 28, 2010
PriceJapanese flag 🇯🇵 5800 yen
Japanese flag 🇯🇵 ¥ 44000
American flag 🇺🇸 $ 69.99
Re-release dateAmerican flag 🇺🇸 May 15, 2011
Flag of Europe Flag May 20, 2011
American flag 🇺🇸 Aug 28, 2014
Animal Crossing: City Folk is the sequel to Animal Crossing: Wild World and is playable on the Wii. In North America, the game is also known as "Animal Crossing:City Folk." In other European or English-speaking regions, it is called "Animal Crossing:Let's Go to the City". Because this name is shorter, the abbreviation "ACCF" is used more often.

Compared to its predecessor, the biggest innovation is the famous but big city where you can find new shops. Also, each player now has their own house.

This game supports the Nintendo DS and connection function, and you can transfer characters from Animal Crossing: Wild World to this game. You can migrate catalog contents from Animal Crossing: Wild World to Animal Crossing: City Folk.

It is possible to visit a friend's village via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Wii Speak also allows players to talk to each other.

The game was re-released a few years later as part of the Nintendo Selects series.




en flag English Animal Crossing: City Folk
ko flag 한국어 타운으로 놀러가요 동물의 숲
ja flag 日本語 街へいこうよ どうぶつの森
es flag Español Animal Crossing: City Folk
fr flag Français Animal Crossing: City Folk
de flag Deutsch Animal Crossing: City Folk
it flag Italiano Animal Crossing: City Folk
nl flag Ned. Animal Crossing: City Folk
ru flag русский Animal Crossing: City Folk
zh flag 简体中文 动物之森:城市人
tw flag 繁鱧中文 動物之森:城市人

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